Alison Moyet
minutes and seconds – Live
Street: 11.11
Alison Moyet = Janis Joplin + Dusty Springfield

With an instrument as sharp and precise as Moyet’s is on record, it is both chilling and awe-inspiring how extraordinarily distinct her live vocals are. Capturing performances from her acclaimed “the minutes tour” last year, the bulk of this set captures that critically acclaimed UK Top 5 release, with a few select cuts from her back catalogue and, of course, three classics from her heralded Yazoo days. If only the over-singing theatrics of today’s performers could merely comprehend what Moyet exudes without effort: that less is more. Take her delicate readings of the minutes’ “Filigree” or “Remind Yourself,” and hear how beautifully restrained her control is. But there is much passion in that voice, too, showcased on “Horizon Flame” and “Changeling.” Subtle, new electronic arrangements virtually reinvent her back catalogue: “All Cried Out” sounds menacing, while “Is This Love?” is turned into a hypnotic waltz, highlighting its profound lyrics. –Dean O Hillis