Alison Moyet
The Minutes   
Metropolis Records
Street: 06.11
Alison Moyet = Lou Reed + Annie Lennox
Usually, it takes the first phrasing from Moyet’s lips to hook me into a specific song, but as Guy Sigworth’s elegant electronics start on “Horizon Flame,” it is apparent that something exciting is at play. There is nothing specifically radical going on, per se—other than a great producer understanding what works best for the vocalist he’s collaborating with—but that in itself sounds revolutionary. The dynamic start/stops of “Changeling” give way to the seemingly simplistic “When I was your Girl,” a gem of many layers, and it is sad that Moyet remains one of our most unappreciated lyricists. The percolating backgrounds of “Love Reign Supreme” echo an earlier jam from the begging-to-be-remixed “Right As Rain.” But thrilling as those are, it is the slower tracks—especially the closing quartet of cuts—that leave the most lasting impact, showcasing more facets to Moyet’s unique oeuvre. –Dean O Hillis