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Review: Allegra Krieger – Precious Thing

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Allegra Krieger
Precious Thing  

Northern Spy Records
Street: 03.04
Allegra Krieger = Becky Stark + a dash of Nick Drake

Allegra Krieger’s sophomore effort, Precious Thing, is appropriately named. The album is powerful and subtle at the same time, like a glance across the room from the only person who knows all your secrets and loves you anyway. Many tracks highlight the overlooked beauty of the everyperson’s every day, the small things that make us tick and human. Precious Thing reminded me that comfort or meaning can be found in any instant if only I pause to recognize and appreciate that it’s happening as a crucial aspect of life’s incredible journey.

The opening track, “Wake Me,” meanders its way into existence slowly through the waning hours of an evening, where the protagonist has a lot on their mind but has to wait to say it—even though they may not be sure how to do so or how it will land once it’s let go. I found it interesting that Krieger could conjure imagery so vividly from what sounds like a typical Tuesday night in the lives of millions of people, and she does this again and again. I can’t recollect a time recently where I felt so content with being sad about the rain or drinking a cup of coffee. The nearest I can think of was when I fell in love with Nick Drake way back when. 

The lead single for the album, “Taking It In,” is a pure meditation on mindfulness. The listener is taken along on a seaside stroll and coaxed to pay attention to the environment as though it were the very first time, all while loosening the grip on the vehicle we’re driving as if to say “just roll with it. “Most things are beyond your control, anyhow; enjoy them.”

The album’s closing track, “Walking,” is another example of Krieger’s ability to turn an average moment into a beautiful snapshot on this earth, here for a moment and gone. She refers to a stranger passing, a smile and the idea that she may see them again—but, maybe not, and that’s alright. Our lives are full of precious things. Time is a precious thing, one you can never get back. This album reminded me how important it is to revel in the security a Tuesday night provides rather than always looking forward to a wild Saturday that hasn’t happened yet or a Friday that happened ages ago. This album anchored me while I listened to it. I had a wonderful day! –Billy Swartzfager