ArnoCorps - The Greatest Band of All TIme

Review: ArnoCorps – The Greatest Band of all Time

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The Greatest Band of all Time

Alternative Tentacles Records

Street: 07.08

ArnoCorps = Turbonegro + GWAR

It seems to me that the term “greatest band of all time” is being used loosely these days—most bands that claim it just fall short of greatness. It wasn’t until I was handed ArnoCorps’ illustrious record, simply titled, The Greatest Band of all Time that I realized that title belongs to them.

Having opened my eyes to what I thought were just simple Arnold Schwarzenegger action movies, they reveal through songs like “Predator,” “Terminator,” “Total Recall” and “Last Action Hero” that the films of the same name are simply interpretations of ancient folklore from their native Austria. Through Holzfeuer’s raucous, heavily accented vocals, we get two dynamic duos of guitarists and bassists that will ensure an increase of heroism and masculinity in its listeners (much like it did with me). I stand by saying ArnoCorps may be the Greatest Band of all Time—“Stick Around!” –Eric U. Norris