Self-Titled 7”

Sacred Bones

Street: 04.14

Cheena = The Dead Boys + The Jam + The Ar-Kaics

They tease the listener with only three songs, and I can safely say that I want more. Cheena is simple, heavy, fast and raw. The snotty and disdainful vocals, courtesy of Walker Behl, invoke nostalgia for something that I might hear from the dearly departed Stiv Bators.

Cheena’s influence is more than clear, as I can hear styles that derive from a healthy mix of 1960s garage rock n’ roll and 1970s-type proto punk and punk sensibilities. This comes across perfectly as soon as “Dreaming” blasts over my speakers and doesn’t let up in the slightest as I make my way through “Cats in Plastic Bags” and “Did I Tell You Last Night.”

This 7” EP is a must for the lovers that still find a golden era of ’77 punk relevant. It can be found on the Sacred Bones website, and I suggest grabbing it while you can. –Nick Kuzmack