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Review: Child Bite – Strange Waste

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Child Bite

Strange Waste

Housecore Records

Street: 11.24

Child Bite = The Dead Kennedys + Daughters

There is a trend growing in the metal/punk scene—a return to the absurd. Whether you’re talking about Fucked Up or Ghetto Blasters, this trend sends my heart aflutter in excitement. Scabby-fingered bass lines and daggered guitar stabs, this album skips, hops and jump into a corybantic hodgepodge of hellfire.

Anyone who loves Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death will appreciate this album with its furious rhythm and meth-saturated Dick Dale solos. You’ll be losing your breath every time you listen to “Ancestral Ooze,” or “Mongoloid Obsession.” It’s fast. It’s freaky and fresh. Buy this piece of high-grade plutonium and clasp it close to your thorax. –Alex Cragun