Chuck Ragan
Till Midnight
Street: 03.25
Chuck Ragan = Bruce Springsteen + Frank Turner + Lucero
It’s amazing to me that Chuck Ragan has become as good as he is. A punk guy playing folk rock seems like it might just be interesting, in the sort-term, because of the juxtaposition of it, but here we are with a fourth full-length and he’s only gotten better. Till Midnight is the most fleshed-out work Ragan has produced, but it makes the previous recipe richer in every way. The album has a full sound that explodes with musical jubilation that Ragan’s voice is the center of. The song “Revved” caught my attention because sounds like a country ballad, but its pace keeps it moving and shaking, while Ragan delivers it with urgency and force like only he can. Every quality of Till Midnight makes me want to wrap myself up in this music like a warm blanket and forget everything else. –James Orme