Blood Eagle


Street: 02.28

Conan = Bongripper + Velnias

Conan’s second LP, Blood Eagle, is as deliberate and brutal as its namesake—a method of execution mentioned in Norse legends. According to reliable sources (Wikipedia knows all), any unfortunate soul who underwent the execution had their lungs ripped out through their back, just after their spine and ribs had been torn apart. This resulted in a split and bloody ribcage, which formed an impressively gory wingspan. In a metaphoric sense, Blood Eagle is just as heavy. Far from painful, the first track, “Crown of Talons,” sets the tone for what proves to be a doomy, ’70s rock-laced record. The third track, “Gravity Chasm,” opens with solid tom hits and fuzzy riffs—akin to, yet different from, Red Fang. Reminiscent of Elephantine-era Akimbo or Mind The Drift-era Big Business, Blood Eagle closes with deliberate, heavy reassurances that they’re your new favorite band. Play loud, play often.
–Genevieve Smith