Cover art for Hubba Bubba by Damaged Bug.

Review: Damaged Bug – Hubba Bubba

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Damaged Bug

Hubba Bubba

Castle Face

Street: 02.25

Damaged Bug = Vex Ruffin + Suicide

How do you re-invent yourself as a musician when your psych-garage band has gained a cult following and released a prolific amount of material in a short amount of time? You create a solo project based around synthesizers and handmade electronics.

John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees has made an album that’s a unique piece of work, aside from a few references to Silver Apples (primarily the album’s cover art). Hubba Bubba revolves around a burnt-out drug addict or “damaged bug” that no longer feels human and is ready to depart this earth on a space ship, possibly named “Hubba Bubba.” From sleepy analog tracks to the bouncy synth pop of “Eggs At Night,” Dwyer takes us on a trip that claims no allegiance to the past or present, but looks to the future. –Justin Gallegos