Darius Koski
Fat Wreck Chords
Street: 04.07
Darius Koski = Neil Young + Nick Cave + John Doe
The fact of the matter is that Darius Koski is one of a kind, and whether he’s playing with the Swingin’ Utters or Filthy Thievin’ Bastards, he’s always making these little choices that all add up to something that is decidedly his. Sisu is the record I didn’t know I’d been waiting for—he’s been teasing something like this in all of his other projects. When you’ve spent 25-plus years in punk rock, it’s hard to completely detach, but this record allows Koski to stretch into folk and country without the punk tether. “Tension Tank” is a rollicking acoustic expression of frustration with an insistent, infectious rhythm. “Do Nothin’” is a honky-tonk stomper that floats melodically and dances rhythmically. While you can’t throw a rock without hitting a former punk-gone-solo folk/roots artist these days, I have to say that none of them are like Darius Koski, not even close. –James Orme