I don’t know when the metal kids started making industrial music, or when the rivets started headbanging. Maybe it was always so, but I swear, when I was in school, the twain never met except to fight. That is no more, and there’s no better proof than on this eponymous album: 14 tracks of nuclear metal crossed with industrial distortion and quite a few bad words, oh my! The staccato screechfests of “Generation Fuck Star” and “Unholywood Killafornia” should make all the Mansonites happy. There’s plenty of pop here, too, hidden under the angry lyrics and grinding, chugging metal guitars, and of course, a heavy metal ballad, “I’ll Take a Bullet for You”––these guys paid attention to the 1980s! It’s all a little too self-aware to be a happy accident, so I suspect the heavy hand of a hype-machine behind them, but by all means, play this very loud this summer. It’s good fun, and bonus: your parents and your bishop will absolutely hate it.