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Review: Disparition – Granicha

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Street: 05.23

Disparition = Forest Swords + Active Child

I’m the sort of human who loves research. Pique my curiosity, and I will dig as deep as I can until I’ve gained total understanding. This album captivated me in such a way that music doesn’t always manage to do. Granicha is monstrously complex with layers of instrumentation, percussion and vocals all weaving together, forming an intricate blanket of imagery.

Jon Bernstein has contributed his ambient soundscapes to the Welcome To Night Vale podcast, and Cecil Baldwin even lent his chanting vocals to “The People Who Carry Their Forest Around With Them.” But this project is eerily different. There truly is something magical in this album.

If you let it, it has the power to consume your ego and leave you feeling naked and new. It will take a lot more time and studying to fully understand this piece of art, but it’s worth the effort. –Kamryn Feigel