Review: Jonny Manak & the Depressives – Cold Pizza & Warm Beer

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Jonny Manak & the Depressives
Cold Pizza & Warm Beer

Reach Around
Street: 07.06
Jonny Manak & the Depressives = The Cramps + The Sonics + Dead Boys

My religion is rock n’ roll, so when I hear it and it’s real, I feel it. Whether it’s punk, garage, metal or whatever, the real thing feels like ice water on a sweltering hot day. This record by Jonny Manak is the real thing. Cold Pizza & Warm Beer is punk rock at its finest—it hits that sweet spot where one can hear pre-punk influences, and influences outside of punk, but it’s still gritty, grimy and from the gutter. “Powder to Blow” is an anthem any Ramones fan will pump a fist to. Jonny Manak plays every instrument except drums on the record, so everything is very much on the same page. Records this raw, real and well done are rare. –James Orme