Kim Lenz and the Jaguars
Follow Me
Street: 08.20
Kim Lenz and Jaguars = Gene Vincent + Janis Martin + Ronnie Dawson
When it comes to female rockabilly vocalists, it’s a hard road. You’ve got to exude sex, display vocal range, all the while matching the intensity of their male counterparts. Kim Lenz not only accomplishes all this, but manages to turn it into an art form. Lenz is a 15-year veteran of the global rockabilly scene. While maintaining all the tropes of a garden variety release, this record also is a step forward for Lenz, who gained more urgency and has become more visceral in her delivery. From the jangly piano on “Ghost of You,” to the smooth sliding steel guitar in “Shadow of the Old Bayou”, each track is masterfully played, matching Lenz’s character and charisma. Follow Me may not reach too far beyond the rockabilly set, but it’s poised to become a classic of that genre. –James Orme