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Review: Lara Hope & The Ark-tones – Luck Maker

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Lara Hope & The Ark-tones

Luck Maker


Street: 06.14.14

Lara Hope & the Ark-tones = Imelda May + The Reverend Horton Heat + Kim Lenz

So I have to give this band credit—they are one of the most original sounding rockabilly bands I’ve ever heard, and that’s a rarity in the rockabilly scene. With a mix of vintage R&B and a little bit of psychobilly edge backing the smoky and raw lead vocals of Lara Hope & The Ark-tones, it’s easy to see how they’ve managed to make a name for themselves so quickly.

I love when a band can use a genre as an anchor, but still manage to stretch and contort their sound into something new, so when this New York outfit goes from the rollicking raucous “Whiskey Pick” to the jazzy, uptown number “I’ve Never,” I find that awfully interesting. The skill, talent and versatility on this record is top notch, but the risks they take musically are what is going to keep me listening and watching to see what this band is up to. –James Orme