The District EP


Street: 06.10

Manicanparty = The Cardigans + Phantogram

Hopefully it is a compliment—as I intend it to be—to say that Manicanparty (the Minnesota-bred, Brooklyn-residing duo) sound like they’re European, if not Swedish. Likely this is because singer Jess Corazza doesn’t sing with a traditional ‘Merican accent: instead her girlishly high (but highly pleasant) voice sounds like she’s from Sweden. The music behind her isn’t bad either, and it was made by her talented other half, Pat Morrissey. It’s no surprise that the new EP (their second in following late 2013’s self-titled one) sounds more confident than its predecessor, as there seems to be a more concentrated effort towards being musically pleasing in both its sound and execution. Opener “Achilles’ Heel” is catchy and hypnotic, “Colorful” matches its title, and collaborative effort “Fools Gold” is saved from tipping over by Corazza’s vocals. But it is first single, “Warpaint,” that has the most impact.