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Review: Nikki Hill – Here’s Nikki Hill

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Nikki Hill

Here’s Nikki Hill

Deep Fryed Records

Street: 05.01

Nikki Hill = Ruth Brown (the biggest compliment I can give any vocalist) + Otis Redding + LaVern Baker + JD McPherson

Nikki and Matt Hill are proof positive that when two talented people marry and come together creatively good things are going to happen. Nikki has all the swagger of ‘50s and ‘60s R&B soul artists, and every bit of the power and punch of the male blues shouters of the same era. Matt’s guitar keeps in congress with Nikki’s vocals and only accentuates the soulfulness of songs like “Don’t Cry Anymore.” The hard pounding and pulsing “I’ve Got a Man” displays just how much power this girl has, and although the band is blasting out the swamp rocker, it’s still Nikki at the center of it. An interesting cut is the Jim Glaser-penned cover of the Texas Tornados country hit “Who Were You Thinking Of,” showing Nikki and company taking a rocksteady-ska-style approach which works well. This record will stay on my player for a while, since by the time I get to the end, I want to start it all over again. –James Orme