Backstage Passport Soundtrack 
Fat Wreck Chords
Street: 12.09.14
NOFX = 7 Seconds + Bad Religion + The Vandals 

For nearly 30 years, NOFX have been the standard for immature punk rock, but maybe more of an accomplishment is the fact that they always seem to come around and do something unexpectedly worthwhile. Back in 2008, they had a reality TV show that took the band to exotic lands in Asia and South America. Now, was the show a moronic Jackass imitation? Yes, at times, but it was also a great window into how punk rock has resonated to every corner of the globe and how a band like NOFX connects differently with each audience. This “soundtrack” is more of collection of unreleased and rare material that was used for the first season and second season, which is nearing completion. There are definitely some fun tunes like “Insulted by Germans (Again)” and “Greatest Country in the World,” but ultimately, I would say this is more for super fans of the band and not for someone with passing interest. –James Orme