Album artwork for Frozen Niagra Falls by Prurient.

Review: Prurient – Frozen Niagra Falls

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Frozen Niagara Falls

Profound Lore

Street: 05.12

Prurient = Goblin + Warning

Unlike a lot of projects putting out what has been labeled as noise, Prurient takes you on a journey. Frozen Niagara Falls starts like a Dario Argento horror soundtrack if you fed the audio through a guitar distortion pedal. It then jumps tracks into a throbbing industrial head bang.

This is not where the variety ends. Released on two discs with 16 tracks between them and song lengths ranging from .32 seconds to over 11 minutes, there are some good, dark dancecore moments, and others that are quite ambient and musical. Sole Prurient member Dominick Fernow has a huge discography of work going back 20 years with hundreds of releases.

Prurient is just one of many aliases including December Magic, Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement and Tortured Hooker. Fernow is a master of his craft, creating enjoyable sound—or, I mean, noise. –Mort Kilgore