Review: Cerrone – Not too Shabby

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Cerrone - Not too ShabbyCerrone
Not too Shabby

Purple Music

Here comes another great Cerrone classic after 26 years of life. Purple Music gives it another round of life with Jamie Lewis assigned to remix duty. Following up Jamie’s “Be Thankful” featuring Michelle Weeks (the Miami WMC top tune), this latest soulful disco gem from Switzerland’s finest shows what amazing music is available and it’s only a click, drop and pick up away. Hitting 2005 dance floors without excluding the original flavors of funky guitar and happy horns, this follow-up to Cerrone releases such as, “Hooked on You” and “You are the One” (also released on Purple Music) will be, for sure, another classic track for this year.
This review originally appeared in Headphones, June 2005, Issue 198.