Review: DJ Ebar – In The Springtime

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DJ Ebar - In The Springtime


Look At You Records

We’re blessed to have one of New York’s finest DJs on board, this month. DJ Ebar (a.k.a. Eric Reithler-Barros) has been spinning cutting-edge house music since 1991, and more recently, he launched his own label, Sifted Recordings, in association with his studio partner Ramie Burns. Now in collaboration with Look At You Records, we have his latest conception—”In the Springtime.” Full of electro-synth and delightful piano, this melodic groove hooks you instantly. With DJ Ebar providing two mixes by himself, this mesmerizing piece of plastic is worth its weight. Rhodes piano, heavy kits and sonic sounds—just check it out! It includes a remix from Portugal’s own Roger Urb, adding in that bit of spice.


This review originally appeared in Headphones, December 2004, Issue 192.