Review: E-Man – Slangin (Remixes)

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 E-Man - Slangin (Remixes)E-MAN

Jellybean Soul Records

From the Jellybean Soul label comes another hot track for summer. Originally produced by E-man and Jon Cutler (remember the duo worked on “It’s Yours” for Chez Music), this latest mix consist of the expert help of Marlon D and Tedd Patterson (did you catch him last month in SLC?). Scat vocals, lively percussion, jazz-tinged organ and Latin guitars over heavy MAW beats; this one is right up tribal-soul way. It includes four tracks of remixes: Marlon D’s Organ Mix, Marl’s Peak Beats, Tedd Patterson’s Edit, and an a capella.


This review originally appeared in Headphones, September 2004, Issue 189.