Review: Eric Wikman – I’m A Believer

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Eric Wikman - I'm A Believer


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Oh my God! From the man of gospel and disco, jazz and soul, Eric Wikman, comes another powerful roof-raisin’ lover of a track. Seriously people—this is it! If you missed church last week, just drop the needle and throw the phones on your ears. “I’m a believer” is about inner strength and working through the learning times. Featuring the soaring vocals of Donna Washington (“Take me to the Disco”), this peak-timer will move your floor and soul to another dimension. It features two mixes: the original mix, which has the “live studio session” feel with punchy Rhodes, funky guitar and up-the-scale bass line; and side two which is the Airex Groove mix, a full vocal right up the alley of peak-time. Thanks to Jennifer and Eric for this one!


This review originally appeared in Headphones, November 2004, Issue 191.