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Review: Hardsoul ft. New Cool Collective – Bounson

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Hardsoul ft. New Cool Collective


Hardsoul Pressings

It’s here, the long-awaited debut release of Hardsoul Pressings! The boys from Amsterdam (Roog and Greg) are precision and engineering at its finest. As they continue to go from hit to hit with strength, they’re in demand and the studio work is more profound than ever. This features top Dutch act New Cool Collective, a 19-piece band of fresh and exciting players which began over a decade ago.

With soul, jazz and Latin roots, this highly danceable number is a match made in heaven between DJ and musical genius. Receiving support from Martin Solvieg, Brian Tappert, Jon Cutler and Copyright, this release is set in the history books. Remixing includes Dj Jeroenski and Dj Pippi.

This review originally appeared in Headphones, August 2005, Issue 200.