Review: Juke Joint – Baby Don’t Cry

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Juke Joint - Baby Don’t Cry


Look At You Records


From Denver’s Look at You Records, we have the latest release from this superb label. Featuring the vocal talent of Earl Bennett, this modern-day percussive ride takes you on an “old school” feel. Comparable to early recordings by Murk and Kings of Tomorrow (KOT), this soulful yet extremely bumpin’ groove is the first installment of many projects to come by this newly formed duo. Produced by DJ Dealer & DJ Sense, Baby Don’t Cry is receiving high marks by the DJ community and being charted all around the globe. It includes two mixes: main mix, subtle keys, deep bass line and full of vocal delivery; dub mix, continues on in a constant board line and a more simple approach on the vocals. Check out Juke Joint’s latest mixed set in our CD reviews.


This review originally appeared in Headphones, December 2004, Issue 192.