Review: Kait Lawson – Until We Drown

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Kait Lawson
Until We Drown

Street: 03.19
Kait Lawson = Woody Guthrie + Nanci Griffith

Kait Lawson has the kind of aching in her voice that draws a listener in closer. Until We Drown is a mostly somber record—something I usually have low tolerance for—but here touches of soul and country keep my interest. The best thing about this record is the marriage of the songwriting and production. The album has thoughtful, well-crafted lyrics in a colorful melodic gift-wrap that pulls in roots elements in an easy way that keeps everything fresh. “Omaha” is a country tune that stands out because it’s up-tempo, and expresses the freedom of escaping all your troubles. Lawson’s lyrical and actual voice is fantastic, and and is up to par with the tremendous work in the record behind it. –James Orme