Review: Kiko Navarro Feat. Marcel – M.U.S.I.C

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Kiko Navarro Feat. Marcel - M.U.S.I.C


(Bubble Soul Re-Edits Volume 1.) = (Jay-J/Marquez/David Gomez/DJ Pippi)
Bubble Soul Records


Pachas’ very own Kiko Navarro, doing it again. Featuring the words of Marcel, “Music” is by far one of the choicest spoken-word tracks to date! Varying from each mix, this 3-tracker carries organ stabs and synth sweeps to jazzy keys and soulful sax, all overlaying a bumpin’ Kiko groove. Receiving major applause from Ben Watt, Tedd Patterson and Spen & Halo, make sure it’s at the front of your DJ box!


Next up, “Bubble Soul Re-edits V.1,” which includes two highly sought-after jewels from the label’s treasure chest. First off is “Vibrations,” originally produced by D.Marquez, its tart, percussive beats and Rhodes stabs add style, while completed by catchy vocals that give an instant addiction—it simply oozes sex appeal. The B-side is Chris Lum’s “Smack Up.” In an upbeat and bumpin’ tribal affair, this Marquez/Gomez funky and chunky Re-edit (of DJ Pippi/IKL) is the extra drive and energy you’re looking to give your dance floor. Thank you, Josep for the support.


This review originally appeared in Headphones, January 2005, Issue 193.