Review: This Morn’ Omina – The Drake Equation

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Ant Zen

This Morn’ Omina has elaborated on their now signature sounds. The Drake Equation (the actual equation, not the music) is an interesting concept (more information can be found hidden beneath the CD tray). It estimates the number of communicative civilizations in the Galaxy and it just happened to be the topic for the world’s first SETI meeting in 1961. The seven numbers represented in the equation are also the titles to each of the seven tracks, beginning with “R*” (the rate of formation of suitable stars). This fantastic concept fits amazingly with the tribal elements and hypnotic beats. The way “FP” (the fraction of those stars with planets) builds layers and adds chanting and even more percussion creates a tremendous amount of intensity. The same kind of build-up takes place in “NE” (the number of Earth-like worlds per planetary system). The slight slow-down then suddenly techno beat on “FL” (the fraction of those Earth-like planets where life actually develops) makes for possibly my favorite song on The Drake Equation. “FJ” and “FC” take the tempo down and constructively add significant melody that leads you on a blissful journey of euphoria. This Morn’ Omina is one act that I would recommend to anybody regardless of a musical preference. The intensity is addictive and should not be used with caution for first-time users.


This review originally appeared in Modus Operandi, November 2004, Issue 191.