Review: Wai Pi Wai – S/T

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Wai Pi Wai - S/T


Hands Productions

The collaboration of Jerome Soudan of Mimetic and Herman Klapholz of Ah Cama-Sotz burst into popularity during the 2004 edition of Maschinenfest where both musicians already held notoriety. The electronic journey begins with “Strings of Infinity,” a solid, melody-driven trancey track. “Dirty Mind” breaks into a Children of the Corn’s choir-type chant with beats that are undoubtedly those of a Mr. Ah Cama-Sotz. Title track, Wai Pi Wai takes stochastic beats and an old familiar trick of plotting the Macintosh “female” voice repeating, “Wai Pi Wai” and then throws in some “Forget about you, you’re already dead” into the mix. You just can’t go wrong with fun robotic Mac voices. Wai Pi Wai ends it with “Mojito,” a song that sounds like a remix of an Ah Cama-Sotz song that I just can’t put my finger on. Both acts individually put on phenomenal live shows and I have a feeling that seeing Wai Pi Wai live would be the way to really experience them. The subtleness of the eleven tracks makes for a light and fun album that just works.


This review originally appeared in Modus Operandi, January 2005, Issue 193.