Front Line Assembly
Street: 07.09
Front Line Assembly = Skinny Puppy + Front 242
Returning somewhat to their early 1990s sound, but with a detour through dubstep—it’s sort of impossible not to get that particular peanut butter wub in your electronic chocolate these days—Echogenetic is a very workable, even strong bit of electronic industrial/ebm. Look ma, no guitars! This album is a return to pure electronics, and a list of Moogs and Korgs and related instruments as long as your arm, after 2010’s more metal Improvised Electronic Device with its contribution from industrial-headbanger Al Jourgensen (Ministry). There’s a little here for fans of founder Bill Leeb’s many side projects, particularly nods to Delerium, Conjure One and Intermix. Standout tracks include “Ghosts” (although not the greatest, lyrically) and “Heartquake”—which would do fantastically on a dark wave dance floor (do those still exist?)—and made me want to get up and kick it a bit. While this release doesn’t exactly break any new ground, there’s plenty of excellent material here for the long-time fan. Listen late at night while pondering the specs of your future robot body. –Madelyn Boudreaux