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From Beer to Eternity


Street: 09.06

Ministry = [(Dethklok – Pantera) x ClockDVA] + Strong Bad

I still think Ministry’s best stuff is the ‘80s new wave dreck that they only released so they could get a label deal, but this last hurrah was impossible to pass up. Every trip gets more metal, but Beer is also pretty damn electronic at moments and has a few bits that remind you of where this band has been. They remain devoutly political, with songs like “Perfect Storm”—probably the only shred-metal song about climate change deniers—and “Fairly Unbalanced” about Fox News, and still drench nearly every track in samples. “Enjoy the Quiet” actually sounds industrial, but most of the album is very much on the metal end of the “metal industrial” genre they now claim. Beer includes some awesome artwork featuring Uncle Al as a ne’er-do-well Christ. I guess it’s hotrods all the way down from here. Rock this in your Camaro with your mullet and turn it waaaay up! –Madelyn Boudreaux