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Can’t Bury Your Past


Street: 04.22

Turchi = Allman Brothers + Fred McDowell + Canned Heat + Scott H. Biram

The beauty of the blues is that it’s so simple and raw that it can convey anything from anybody. It’s not playing different chords—it’s that one can play the same chords that have been played forever, and still play them with one’s own pain with one’s own soul. Turchi play a gritty, textured style of the blues, which, at times, is pretty remarkable, like on the first track “Take Me Back Home.” Too often, though, they degenerate into lousy psychedelic rock.

“Lightning Skies” is the perfect example of this, where the rhythm suggests a hard-hitting blues stomper, but the fuzzed-out guitar dances around on top of everything and even seems to push out the vocals and loses me. Couple all that with lead vocals that feel disjointed from half the songs, and there’s just too much gone wrong on Can’t Bury Your Past. –James Orme