Scott H. Biram
Nothin’ But Blood
Bloodshot Records
Street: 02.04
Scott H. Biram = Heavy Trash + Shooter Jennings + Bob Log III
Believe it or not, Scott H. Biram’s not alone when it comes to playing blues and country as a one-man band. There are a few out there, but when it comes to quality and content, he has few to call true contemporaries. His reputation as a wild performer is well deserved, but he’s not one-sided at all. On Nothin’ But Blood, that other side is definitely showcased by letting notes breathe and finding intensity in other ways than just volume. That’s not to say that Biram’s gone soft—songs like his cover of “Backdoor Man” will put you on your ass. Biram, to me, has become the Southern roots music modern Hemingway, expressing honestly the dark parts of this life like only he can. –James Orme