The Legendary Pink Dots
The Gethsemane Option
Street: 06.25
The Legendary Pink Dots = (Pink Floyd + Coil) x Nurse With Wound
Yet another in a long line of releases, this album brings the number to 98, by my reckoning, not counting the 60-some solo releases by frontman Edward Ka-Spel—by a band whose name may have been pretentious in 1981, but has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Legendary, indeed. The CD is comprised of seven experimental tracks of dreamy and hypnotic textures (which may signify mystical intent, or may just be what they had—it’s hard to know with this band). Ka-Spel’s sing-song vocals mesh well with The Silverman’s keys and electronics, creating a lush and introspective experience. The standout song for me is the dark, edgy “A Stretch in Time,” but the rest of the album is mainly the ambient, swirly, neo-hippy vibe they produce these days. Stay up all night listening to this with your 12 closest friends before heading down to Golgotha. –Madelyn Boudreaux