The Real McKenzies
Rats in the Burlap
Fat Wreck Chords
Street: 04.07
The Real McKenzies = D.O.A + AC/DC’s “It’s a Long Way to the Top” + Street Dogs
If you’re looking for great punk rock to hoist a pint to, then look no further than The Real McKenzies. It’s always been a mystery why they haven’t had similar success to their Celtic-punk contemporaries Flogging Molly and the Dropkick Murphys, but you can never account for taste. The first thing that strikes me when listening to this band is Paul McKenzie’s Scottish intonation drips with character that grabs your hand like an old friend and pulls you into this music. Leaning towardre the Scottish side of things, there are plenty of pipes to relish in on this record. What comes through on Rats in the Burlap is how good of a band the McKenzies are without the pipes. They’ve got outstanding melodies and thunder through some great tunes like the Bad Religion level of top-notch straight punk tune “Catch Me.” Such a well-done record is an occasion to raise a glass, CHEERS! –James Orme