The Supersuckers
Get the Hell
Street: 01.14
The Supersuckers = Social Distortion + Backyard Babies + Nine Pound Hammer
If you worship rock n’ roll as a religion like I do, then The Supersuckers are like your Moses. When they say they’re the world’s greatest rock n’ roll band, it’s hard to think of anyone else worthy of that title. Their new record, Get the Hell, is more evidence that they deserve their crown. They are bluesy enough to sound authentic when they put harmonica over the romper of a song “Fuck Up” and rootsy enough where you can hear the country and rockabilly influence in even their most hard-charging guitar licks. “Never Let Me Down” is a thesis statement of this terrific record—Eddie Spaghetti’s lead vocals are in great form and the rest of the band comes together wonderfully to capture the rare equality between soulful and brash. To simply put it, The Supersuckers are the greatest. –James Orme