Tim Barry 
Lost & Rootless 
Street: 11.28.14
Tim Barry = Chuck Ragan + Merle Haggard + Billy Bragg 

Tim Barry is so straightforward and earnest with his solo material that, right away, there’s a feeling that these songs could only come from him. The former Avail lead singer has left no trace of his punk rock past on Lost & Rootless— the record is mostly just Barry and his acoustic guitar sending these songs out as what I can only call pure. “Breathe Slow and Let ‘Em Pass” contains such vivid imagery that I can picture the rural Virginia dirt road that the cops are blazing down as described in the song. I find it interesting that a number of these punks have taken a more singer-songwriter, roots music route. I have to say that most of what the trend has produced is worth while, and that Tim Barry is at the top of that list. –James Orme