It’s Fate


Street: 05.01

Touché = Timbuk 3 – Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gormé

Apparently “singer” Alex Lilly and instrumentalist/vocalist Bram Inscore, who comprise this girl/boy LA duo, didn’t do their research when picking a name for their group.  But there will likely not be much confusion with the DJ, or even the German boy band, who share the same name, as both of those at least have something that Lilly and Inscore lack: listenability.

Sounding unsure of themselves, their songs are half-formed and messy.  Lead single “I’m A Man Not A Machine” is arguably their strongest track, but since it starts the album, it is all downhill from there: “Snow White” is dreadful, “Shhh! It’s Quiet Time” is headache-inducing, and just because it is cool to sometimes speak/sing, doesn’t mean you need to do it repeatedly. Speaking of which, it is always sad when your music videos are stronger than the sum of their parts. Touché indeed! –Dean O Hillis