Trash Monsters
There’s a Rat in the Tunnel of Love
Heap O’ Trouble
Street: 06.04
Trash Monsters = Dead Boys + Social Distortion + Bouncing Souls
Punk rock is best served when it’s not trying to be punk, but when its simply trying to be load, fast, obnoxious rock n’ roll. That’s what Trash Monsters do so well. The whole album has the attitude and elements of early punk, but without any sort of throwback mentality to it. An oft forgotten ingredient of fun can be found firmly at the root of what the Trash Monsters are doing. Everything engages the listener to sing along with the graceful lyrics to bobbing your head to the contagious rhythms or humming along to the catchy hooks in almost every track. Is this your most blistering in-your-face version of punk rock out there? Not even close, but its well crafted, thoughtfully written and, dare I say, soulful at places. Which I have to say is a way more impressive feat than playing super fast. I hope to hear more from these Trash Monsters. –James Orme