White Flag Down
Never Surrender
Skinflint Music
Street: 07.01
White Flag Down = The Templars + Lower Class Brats + Patriot + U.S. Bombs
Is there a set of specifications to be considered a Clockwork punk band? Because I’d imagine that The Adicts would be an example that most bands would look to. Sure, all of them are punk bands, but other than that they sound very little like one another. White Flag Down, for example, seem to be a very down and dirty crossroads of punk rock, mixing oi, hardcore, and even straight rock n’ roll. The theme of “no surrender” runs rampant through this record. In fact that’s what their name is alluding to. Now, what they’re unwilling to surrender is less clear, but that’s punk rock—rebellion for rebellion’s sake—and a good punk record is always fun to spin. No, this record doesn’t slap you across the face with anything new, but it’s plain to see that this quartet from LA treats this stuff more like religion than anything, and that sells them better that anything. –James Orme