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Review: Zola Jesus – Taiga

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Zola Jesus


Mute Records

Street: 10.07

Zola Jesus = Sia x Chelsea Wolfe + Austra / Rihanna

Combining powerful cinematic instrumentation and shockingly upbeat melodies with Nika Roza Danilova’s new, finely polished vocals adds a pop element to the singer/songwriter’s formerly ultra spooky, pseudo-goth sound. While not fully ditching the dark synth and gloomy vibes, Danilova explores new territory in the realm of ‘90s pop revival.

Songs like “Dangerous Days” and “Hunger” offer us a much more mainstream, radio-friendly perspective, while “Long Way Down” and “Nail” give us the taste of Danilova’s creepier side that we became addicted to in 2011’s Conatus. Normally, I would be upset at such a drastic, unprecedented change in style, but this offers catchy goth-pop that is more authentic than anything actually on the radio, and with much stronger vocals. –Allison Shephard