Notes From The Industrial Underground: The Thrill Kill Kult


“You should be orgasming all over yourself…”

Finally! New music from My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult! I have in my hot little hands a promo 12” from the forthcoming Sexplosion album. The disco demons return with “Sex On Wheels” and “Dream Baby.” No one does trashy disco like TKK, full of sinister sex and sampling. “Sex On Wheels” has rockin’ guitar and piano leads over the funked-up grooves, with Bomb Gang Girlz adding back-ups. “Dream Baby” is a cool dance track with disco chirps and a near erotic feel to it, like a cool breeze on a sweat-drenched summer night of lovemaking. Can’t wait for the full album and the upcoming tour. Get on your boogie shoes, Consolidated have a new album and single out on Nettwerk. The album is produced by Meat Beater, Jack Dangers

Consolidated continues with their socio-political messages in between and over great industrial/hip-hop/rap. Also out on Nettwerk is Skinny Puppy’s Ain’t It Dead Yet. The disc really captures the band live and has amazing sound quality, as well as lengthier versions of Puppy classics “Anger,” “Chainsaw” and “First Aid.” You also get all of Ogre’s fantatical ravings included at no extra cost. Buy the video too, though, or you miss out on a huge part of Puppyness. 

Word on the street is Ministry’s new release, The Tapes of Wrath, will be out in September on Warner Brother Records. It’s also rumored that Ministry have been added to the Lollapalooza bill, with Jane’s Addiction, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Nine Inch Nails, Butthole Surfers, etc. But will they make it to Salt Lake? Don’t hold your breath. 

Recently released on Dossier Records is War Music by Vampire Rodents. A cross between Click Click and Foetus, Vampire Rodents sing of sex and Satan. Song titles include “Abortion Clinic,” “Autocannibalism,” “Sexrite” and “Fragrance of Christ”— and that’s just the really interesting ones. A must for your collection.

Soleilmoon Records is now releasing a magazine, Total, with a CD. The magazine covers everything from cults to phone phreaking, technology to the KKK. The CD is Volume One and has new and unreleased tracks from The Anti Group, Coil, Front Line Assembly, Fini Tribe, Flux, etc. Issues are numbered and limited to 1,000 copies so get yours fast. 

Write for Total info and a Soleilmoon catalog:


P.O. Box 83296

Portland, OR. 97283


Coil’s new album is out on import. 

Still no word on the domestic Wax Trax! release.

Another new magazine on industrial dance music is Industrial Strength. The first issue is a bit disappointing—very much cheese-whiz in print—but the idea is a good one. Record reviews are outdated and the writing is like your high school newspaper, but there are interviews with TKK and Jim “Foetus” Thirwell. The copy is also really sick. In time this could be a great magazine. Buy it and decide for your damn self…or not.

For the hardcore lover of industrial music, Shock Records has released a CD collection entitled The Portable Altamont which features tracks by Skullflower, Coil, Current 93, Nurse With Wounds and Drunk With Guns. The “songs” on this collection were previously available only on very limited 7” release or not available at all elsewhere. This is where true industrial music originated. Pick this up or die! 

Armageddon Dildos have a full length release out: That’s Armageddon. It’s strangely reminiscent of recent releases by Nitzer Ebb but a good record all the same. Two fairly recent releases that a friend turned me on to are Minister of Noise’s Hell In Heaven, and G.G.F.H’s. Eclipse, on Peaceville Records and its subsidiary Dreamtime. Minister of Noise also have an earlier 12” out on Sinister Groove. The label says it all.


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