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They Say Burn It
Street: 05.20
Deadlip = Three Days Grace + Hawthorne Heights + Nickelback
This music is hardcore aggression and angst with just the right elements of grunge to mix it up into an entirely different concoction. It’s like the gnarliest drink you have ever had that made you feel so good. These guys sure know how to kick out amazing jams. This music is so good it almost makes you not want to listen to it for fear of the other music that you listen to not being able to stand up to Deadlip’s post-grunge grooves. The seventh and final track, “Burning”, is by far my very own personal favorite. The dynamics and different textures that are thrown into the song make me want it to never ever stop. These guys have a lot of potential. The more progressive they get with their sound, the more amazing their music will become. Jump on the bandwagon, otherwise you are going to totally miss out.