Def Letter
Social Introduction
Street: 05.01
Def Letter = Atmosphere + Brother Ali + Pat Maine
Def Letter is Salt Lake’s own MC Dumb Luck and veteran DJ Linus Stubbs. Social Introduction is a very literal title for this album, as it is Dumb Luck’s premiere headliner. The album screams the white-boy angst of early Slim Shady with 20 tracks of high-speed life-struggle raps. Dumb Luck’s lines read like a well written poem: “You might look at me and think you see a sad man/but you’re wrong, I’m just a person with passion who’s on his last stand.” Linus Stubbs is at his best with larger-than-life beats to match the level of Dumb Luck’s swagger and confidence. The man can cut up a track in his sleep better than most of the producers I’ve heard out of Salt Lake. If you like hip hop, then you need to buy this album.