Scenic Byway
Kinda Sorta Pretty Really
Street: 05.20.11
Scenic Byway = Common + Carlos Santana
Local rap band Scenic Byway have been taking Salt Lake by storm  with their cool raps, sweet sounds and appealing messages. The track “Surprise Surprise” is the perfect song for anyone who has ever found themselves stressing out more than necessary. It is a perfect stress reliever! My favorite track would have to be “Monsters,” which talks about not allowing your personal demons or negativity get in your way. It’s a motivator for sure! From the beautiful mix of jazz and hip hop to the catchy, smooth vocals, Kinda Sorta Pretty Really is a true representation of what the boys of Scenic Byway stand for: forward thinking, independence, peaceful coexistence and the goodness that is Mary Jane. It is a must-buy.