Timothy Hay
Wild Hare
Street: 12.01.09
Timothy Hay = John Hartford + Dusty 45s
This Wreckerd is all over the place as far as genre, bouncing back and forth from blues to folk and everything in between. However, this roots cavalcade hits all the right spots to make an interesting record. With over a dozen players featured, the record becomes epic in scope. My favorite track, blues tune “I Ain’t Seen My Baby,” is simple in structure, but the clacking of spoons and the army singing back-up in perfect cadence is very entertaining. The folk songs don’t hold my interest as well as the bluesier songs, and to be honest, they get pretty inane, but some of the spot-on vocal harmonies deserve a mention. That being said, the vocals could have been more polished in other parts. I was most impressed with the musical prowess displayed on the harmonica, the slide guitar and other common roots instrumentation. With everything here, I’ve got to wonder what the live show is all about.