Memphis Dawls
Rooted in the Bone
Madjack Records
Street: 11.04.14
Memphis Dawls = Emmylou Harris + The Everly Brothers + The Civil Wars

One of my favorite things, musically, are great vocal harmonies, and the Memphis Dawls are exceptionally good at them. To so many people, folk music is code for dusty and boring, but I would challenge anyone to get through one spin of Rooted in the Bone and dare to utter the word boring. Songs like “Liar” transform this three-piece, all-girl folk band into a ’60s soul group, and at the same time, the traditional gospel sounds of “Where’d You Go My Love” all feel at home on this record. Another standout is the wanderlust-filled country tune ”Ride Alone”—with steel guitar and the girls’ vocals, it may be the loneliest song I’ve ever heard. Folk being the root of all music, I think that might be why a group like these gifted gals can go anywhere musically and still seem to make it all come from the same place. –James Orme