Boys Noize
Go Hard EP
BNR Records
Street: 06.24
Boys Noize = Fake Blood + Skrillex + Justice

The last time I saw Boys Noize was in Vegas for EDC and he absolutely blew my mind. During his set that weekend, there was 20 minutes where he was just dropping new music—from hard step to disco to your good ol’ techno. Each track was different, but there was something obviously shared between them—that something is Boys Noize! I realized it as soon as I started to listen to the Go Hard EP. Every track that blew me away, but I was unable to find, was now making sweet love to my ears. My favorite track, “Go Hard,” uses a sample off of Kreayshawn’s “Go Hard (La,La,La)” track from her Somethin’ Bout Kreay album. It goes from hard step into this sick trap drop that made my jaw drop! This six-track EP is for any fan of EDM! –Mama Beatz