The Devil Makes Three

I’m a Stranger Here

New West

Street: 10.29.13

Devil Makes Three = Blind Willie Mctell + The Pine Hill Haints + Roscoe Holcomb

Few bands can capture the imagination like Devil Makes Three. They invoke deep-woods medicine shows, jumping blues juke joints and midnight hootenannies by moonlight. They’ve sold their souls at the crossroads of blues, hot jazz and old timey acoustic folk music, and when the outcome is the material found on I’m a Stranger Here, no preacher in the land could condemn them. Devil Makes Three have always used simplicity as a strength, but this record has the broadest scope from the band yet. Even when other musicians add their playing to the dynamic, at the center is still DMT doing what we’re used to. I’ve always been taken aback by how well these guys blend different styles of Americana music. They deconstruct American genres and show its genealogical lines. This is acoustic roots music at its very best. –James Orme