Tony Joe White
Yep Roc
Street: 09.17
Tony Joe White = John Fogerty + Ry Cooder + The Nighthawks
This blues-like punk rock, in a way, is very simple—it’s often played with the same chord progressions, tempos and even instrumentation. So, like punk rock, it takes talent creativity and originality—all of which are not found in high amounts on Hoodoo. Now that’s not to say that if I walked into a blues club and heard Tony Joe White jamming out, I wouldn’t walk right out the door, but I don’t hear anything hear that separates him from the many that came before him and the many that are out there right now. These swamp rockers are well performed, but the bottom line is that it’s been done better, and I would be lying if I said that when I reach for a blues record, I’m going to pass along Muddy Waters, Slim Harpo or any number of legends to go with this record. –James Orme